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Las Orquideas Open Kitchen

at Cheef Raffie

 A new trend has arrived in the field of restaurants, we are experiencing a change in culinary awareness, hand in hand with our Chef Raffie, who contributes his extensive knowledge and expertise gained around the world. That is why we offer great experiences to our guests who come to us wanting to spend an unforgettable night.
The size of the portions is decreasing, but the number of dishes to be served is increasing, this is so that our guests can try a wide range of flavors and thus enjoy our fusion cuisine. It is also perfect to start a conversation between diners, we agree that «nothing unites people more than food.»

We are talking about the increase in dishes, aromas and flavors, an essential part of any gastronomic experience, the popularity of small bites has led to a greater profusion of pairing. Let’s think of a lamb with sautéed vegetables served with a Malbec of a wine of a great and deep garnet red color and its aromas recall ripe red fruits and if our chef delights us with an octopus and we think about serving it with a light white wine that adds subtlety and aromas of fresh fruits, thus being the perfect combination.

We adapt the menu of our dinners to give rise to seasonal products, «eat with the seasons», in this way we achieve that the used products provide greater nutritional value and are also at their best. Using seasonal ingredients also means they haven’t traveled that far to get to the dish, ensuring freshness, ripeness, and great flavor.

We are committed to avoiding food waste, after the search for quality and excellence in each ingredient that we use to give the best culinary experience to our guests, then the question is: How dare to waste those delicacies? In addition, many of the components The ones we tend to throw away come with quite distinctive smoky, floral, and earthy flavors, which can bring a whole new and distinctive flavor to other dishes.
Dare to live an unforgettable experience at Chef Raffie’s Open Kitchen at Las Orquideas


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