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Welcome to Las Orquideas, an umbrella of products and services aiming to bring the most authentic experience about Colombia and its way of living: in tune with nature, health and enjoyment.

Delight yourself at our restaurants serving the most traditional foods from colombia and latin america.

Enjoy a fresh coffee sourced from the mountains of Antioquia or for a fully immersive experience visit our EcoHostal and explore the colombian fauna, flora, gastronomy and culture.

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Eco Hostal


Las Orquideas Restaurant is proud to serve the most authentic, fresh and delicious foods from colombia and latin America. Our philosophy is simple, create the most delicious flavors sourcing the highest quality ingredients available to offer dishes that are not only healthy but delicious. Visit our locations in South florida, Fort lauderdale and Pompano beach.


Every bean we roast at Las Orquideas Specialty Coffee is artisanally crafted from seed to cup. Our coffee is sourced from “El Retiro”, Antioquia. That’s what makes us one of the best single origins you’ll find in Colombia. Enjoy our coffee at our restaurants or take it home. Feel the authentic flavor of Colombia in your cup. Available in decaf version as well.  

Eco Hostal & Spa

Las Orquideas Eco Hostal is located at the heart of Colombia, in Guarne Antioquia. We provide a quiet space for relax contemplation and meditation in the middle of nature. The region is known as the “eternal spring” area. Enjoy a unique vacation surrounded by exotic nature and protected fauna. Visit us and reconnect with nature. 

Hatchery Villa de los Angeles

We are passionate about animals, and at Las Orquideas EcoHostel we are proud to have our own international dog breeding kennel. At our kennel we had two time winner male German Shepard “Hercules” and “Simon”. come and meet the dogs and let us share the this passion with you and your family 

Open Kitchen

A new trend has arrived in the field of restaurants, we are experiencing a change in culinary awareness, hand in hand with our Chef Raffie, who contributes his extensive knowledge and expertise gained around the world. That is why we offer great experiences to our guests who come to us wanting to spend an unforgettable night.

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